Wednesday, 14 November 2007

You can use it to score on the field as well

From an online source:

German newspapers are calling it "the first penis goal in the world." As someone who has taken the full brunt of a corner kick to the crotch, I am in awe of VfB Stuttgart's Mario Gomez. How he got away from this shot without doubling over in complete agony remains a complete mystery to me. He must have the hardest balls on the planet -- and if they're that hard, he really should get them checked.

Said Gomez afterward, "I scored with a large part, and it hurt me a lot." Clearly, he didn't let it show. If Gomez ever does hit the turf in pain in a future Bundesliga match, no referee will ever believe him.

Bayern Munich was clearly deflated by the sheer power of Gomez' manhood. He scored that goal in the 10th minute and another, more conventional goal in the 42nd minute as Stuttgart beat the Bundesliga leaders, 3-1, on Saturday.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Ode to =[

Damn all these footballing teams,
They never wanna do you good,
They got me suicidal, suicidal,
And now its all over

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

May i borrow your thumbdrive...

This is a 5 MB harddisk in 1960. Nuff said.

Thursday, 11 October 2007


I was just thinking.. when Justinssl's, Cming's, Rohan's, Bird's, Viper's, Bob's, Wt's and My kids asks us how we spent our university days, what do we say? Ez... Dota... zzz sadness ahah.
Hell, while our kids ask us we'll prolly be busy microing a Mirana arrow or something .. so we'll just have to look at them and say "what do u think... -_-, now buzz off jai jai"

Anyway sticking to the topic of videogames, I jsut experienced a classic case of overhype. Halo 3 holds the record for most expensive and widespread advertising ever conducted for a videogame. The buildup to its launch was felt worldwide, and people and stores readied themselves in ways that made Im Not A Plastic Bag seem like beans in.. - another can of beans. But then there I was 3 days after launchday at the GAME store holding a copy of Halo 3. I put it back on the shelf. Maybe the appeal is lost after realizing EVERYONE wants it. And everyone prolly already HAS it. But ill wait.

Im thinking of starting WOW again but omg how it consumed my life b4... Self-control Wurmy..

K better stop b4 I out-geek myself. Shit hvnt played any sport for 2 months. Oops. GG.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Its that time again, back to the grind. Summer was awesome, so awesome i forgot i had a blog. But when work looms and study material piles up you naturally find other activities to distract you. Hence my logging on to Wurmy's blog in the middle of doing tmr's PBL prez on the non-pharmacological management of rheumatoid arthritis. Fickle is me. Anyway heres a treat to announce my homecoming (sry but ull hv to be a footie fan to get it).

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Quirky but true

I finally made it. Coming out of the theatre, my bladder was about to explode. The toilets outside were either full or locked so i decided to walk all the way home since it was only 5 mins away and i will hv the comfort of relieving myself in my own surroundings.

AAaaahhh. The sweetness of it. The imminence of the liquid gushing the moment u let loose upon the gaping latrine. The flow of the sweet, sweet lemon tea being expelled was too glorious to bear - like a thousand beads being strained through a hole in a stocking and the hole miracoulously tore. The tingling and shuddering that accompanied the motion, was, was - wait a minute.. orgasmic? No wonder it was so refreshingly familiar, it felt exactly like a climax. ZomG. Maybe even better! I really cant decide O__O

Odd 1 out

So i was playing bball that day and a friend of mine landed on the side of my foot after trying some fancy-ass fadeaway shit. As we all know, such a landing will do bad things to ur ankle. He twisted it and was writhing around for a while, but luckily he only needed to rest for 5 mins before he was up and balling again.

Which triggered something ive always wondered about. I have never, ever experienced a sprain, twist, fracture or strain on my ankle before. Ever. Practically every single person i know have one of those injuries on their ankle before. Even the non-ballers in the bunch. I havent even had so much as a BRUISE on my ankles before. Ive Always been curious about what went on behind the grimaces of the numerous faces ive seen. And what is the sensation of not being able to support ur body on a bad ankle? Is it true that u can actually "walk it off"? Will i ever get to try on some crutches? Omg i feel so left out. Lets see how long this durability of mine goes on. Hmm speaking of which i have a bball session tmr evening...

Watch your step little lady...